Welcome to our virtual gallery. We specialize in both figurative and abstract works by established and mid-career artists. Our main goal is to help collectors find a piece that invokes emotions and allows them to rejuvenate in its presence.

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Nathan Budoff

Nathan Budoff is a renowned artist from Puerto Rico. Budoff has exhibited widely in South and North America including the 42 foot mosaic in San Juan metro and works in Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, the Museo de Arte de Caguas as well as the Catherine T. and John D. MacArthur Foundation, the Boston Public Library and the New York Public Library, among others.

Susanne Clark

Susanne Clarke is an intuitive artist, whose work is non-objective, colourful, multi layered and textured. She's a member of the oldest, highly coveted and juried Ontario Society of Artists. Susanne creates unique collagraphs and acrylic paintings. Originally from New Zealand and now resident in Toronto, Canada she has also lived, exhibited and studied in the USA, and the UK. Her work is in Collections in NZ, the USA, China, Europe, UK and Canada.

Andrey Tamarchenko

Andrey Tamarchenko is a Plein-air New York-based artist who participated in over 50 solo and group exhibits in Europe and USA, with works in collections in USA, Italy, Spain, France, UK, Poland, Russia, Japan and Australia. His expressive works are about observing light penetrating matter, and matter dissolving into light. They're following a long European painting tradition: emotive color, suggestive drawing and expressive brushstrokes.

Les Mar, oil on canvas, 24x36 inches.jpe
Jennifer Jean Costello

Jennifer Jean Costello is the President and founding Exhibition Chair for National Association of Women Artists, Inc. MA chapter. She utilizes her Eastern and Western influences to create harmonious mixtures of figurative and abstract works. Her works are featured in Massachusetts State Senate, Morgan Stanley, Aetna Corp. Collection, Richard Flood Educational Services LLC and dozens of Private Collections.

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Diana Stelin

Diana Stelin is a mid-career landscape artist, published author and Best of Boston arts educator as recognized by Boston Magazine and CBS Boston. Her pieces are impressionist conversations between reality and abstraction. She travels extensively to create plein-air watercolor renderings that she then translates into custom sized oil and wax paintings. Both private and corporate clients find her works grounding and re-energizing, "paintings that give them roots and a sense of calm".

Paul Weingarten

Paul Weingarten has had a long and successful art career, his work in collections of over a dozen art museums including the Houston Museum of Art, State Museum of New Jersey and Allentown museum among others, and in countless high caliber private collections. His unique raw visions of urban landscapes garnered him over thirty years of solo exhibits & teaching engagements.