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Our artists are trusted sources for their varied areas of expertise, ranging from providing insights into education, to installation advisory, to exhibit participation all over the world. Here're some press links for our artists, as well as testimonials from our clients.

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Diana's distinctive paintings are worldly, lively and inviting. They tell stories through smiling eyes of a woman who immigrated to the United States as a child, carrying a wanderlust that continues to push her to all corners of the world and that is palpable in her nostalgic paintings.  Her sense of color and tone rivals that of the Modern Masters.  Her compositions flirt with fantasy yet somehow keep two feet planted firmly on the ground.  What could be a simple landscape is anything but.  They drive the viewer to recall a moment from their own lives - a windy day among friends and cherry blossoms in May or dusk in a foreign city; the evening sky rich with the possibilities of a new place",

CVC Art Consulting, MA

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