virtual art auction to benefit mental health

Saturday, October 24th,

6pm - 7pm EST

3pm - 4pm PST

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The Brookline Center for Community Mental Health provides outstanding, affordable mental health care and community-based social services to help individuals and families lead healthier, safer lives while building the strongest community possible. 


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One Mind is a lived-experience-led nonprofit focused on helping people with brain illness and injury to recover so that they can succeed in their lives. To achieve our vision of Accelerating Brain Health for All, we catalyze comprehensive action, working from science, to patient, to society.


One Mind accelerates collaborative research and advocacy to enable all individuals with brain health conditions to build healthy, productive lives.

Join us for an evening of art, culinary delights and music.


In collaboration with Réal Andrews, an Emmy Award Winning Actor, One Mind and Brookline Center, this highly anticipated event will bring together world-renowned visual artists, leading scientists and thousands of mental health research supporters.


Guests will tune in from the comfort of their homes to enjoy a spectacular chef presentation from Helen Rennie, watch exquisite artist demos and talks, hear doctors and researchers discuss their latest projects, and participate in a live auction of some incredible works of art.


 Important conversations will take place, gorgeous artwork will find new homes and thousands of dollars will be raised to benefit such a timely cause amidst a mind-crushing pandemic.

Artists: An amazing opportunity to gain visibility amongst collectors all around US, to see your pieces grace new homes, outside of your regular circles, and to give back and feel good about your powerful role in this world, your calling to bring beauty and to help people ground in this time of acute need. Email us to submit donations

Collectors: We invite you to gather in small groups,  have a lovely meal and watch our LIVE stream gala. Please buy tickets to attend and to support our amazing charities dedicated to the cause of mental health awareness both locally and nationally. Reserve a seat.

Accepting Artist/Gallery Donations

Looking forward towards Corporate Sponsorships and Private Benefactors

Thank you to our promotional sponsor: Unbound Visual Arts

Please email with any inquiries and to submit artwork donations